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The worst advice we’ve ever heard on hair transplants

A successful hair transplant can change someone’s life. In reality, it has helped thousands of men and women around the world who have suffered from hair loss or a receding hairline. Following this operation, many people have restored their self-esteem and confidence.

Unfortunately, both non-specialists and professionals have spread false information about Dubai hair transplant. Some of these misconceptions may be erroneous, while others may be really dangerous. Do not let misleading information or fake news prevent you from making a decision. Let’s look at some of the evidence first.

The transplant procedure is really painful

This is a very widespread myth. Many individuals anticipate that the surgical procedure will be highly painful. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike major surgery, which hospitals commonly perform for serious health conditions, scalp surgery does not involve cutting into muscle, organs, or bones.

Local anesthesia and sedation frequently perform hair transplants, and many clients report feeling nothing. We will give you medicines to take if you are uncomfortable after your surgery. However, you are unlikely to have acute discomfort.

You’ll have dreadful scars

Some individuals mistakenly believe that a hair transplant will result in incredibly obvious scars on their heads. This may cause you to fear that wherever you go, others will notice your history of having a transplant due to noticeable scars. Fortunately, our procedure ensures a minimum degree of scarring that will not be noticeable in your daily life.

This is because, unlike traditional FUT transplants, which leave huge and visible scars on the back of the head, FUE does not.

Only men can get transplants

Unfortunately, this is an extremely destructive and false notion. While FUE hair transplants are immensely popular among males, thousands of women experience hair loss. Hormonal changes or other factors may cause women’s hair loss at middle age. It stands to reason that many women would benefit from getting hair transplant Dubai.

If you are a woman experiencing baldness or hair loss, do not let this myth prevent you from exploring the possibility of a transplant.

Following surgery, your hair will soon be voluminous and lush.

Many patients imagine they will have a full head of hair immediately following their transplant. Unfortunately, the process is much longer than that. When their newly transplanted hair follicles fall out soon after transplantation, most people become anxious. But do not worry! When they return, they will regrow and be full.

This is because the hair takes several months to regrow and appear completely normal. In certain situations, it can take 4 to 9 months for the new follicles to fully develop and thicken.

You can continue to smoke and drink alcohol as you normally would.

Smoking and drinking immediately after a medical treatment may impair your scalp’s healing ability. Nicotine and alcohol may interfere with blood circulation, impairing the outcome of your transplant operation. As a result, it is best to quit smoking for many weeks and abstain from alcohol for approximately one week.

Even though it is vital to return to regular life following your hair transplant, it is also important to care for your entire body in order for your outcomes to be optimal.

Wait till you’re absolutely bald before getting a transplant.

This is the worst and most damaging myth on our list. While many patients mistakenly wait for total baldness, they may miss out on an excellent opportunity to undergo a successful transplant operation. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot transplant hair from a donor scalp to your own. The hair must originate from your own scalp. If the follicles originated from someone else’s head, they would simply fall out and not regrow.

It is ideal to perform a transplant if you still have hair on the sides or back of your head. In order for the follicles to be transplanted from one location to another, it is critical to have some hair remaining.

Don’t believe the falsehoods you’ve heard about hair transplants.

Contact Alborj Hair Clinic to discuss your FUE transplant options and schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We at Alborj Hair Clinic promise to treat you with decency and respect, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment.

Dubai hair transplant